Beaufort County Traditional
Music Association

It was May 2008 that a few local musicians started gathering on a corner near the Washington Waterfront to share some musical talent. Over the past 10 years, this weekly gathering has grown into a unique Beaufort County attraction for both musicians and music lovers all over Eastern Carolina.

In partnership with Arts of the Pamlico, BCTMA is based at the historic Turnage Theater at 150 West Main Street, Washington, NC.  This venue provides a stage for guest musicians and monthly Variety Shows. BCTMA also hosts Thursday Evening and Saturday Morning Jams where musicians of all skill levels are invited to come out for these informal events.  Bring an instrument, or just come to listen.

For more information about BCTMA, explore the website or get in touch.

Upcoming Events

Saturday Morning Jams

Saturday, October 9

 Bluegrass and Country/Folk jams will be at the Crab Park on the Washington waterfront. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

 Old Time jam will meet under the tree near the Chamber of Commerce building on the waterfront. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Saturday, October 16

 Smoke on the Water will be held on the Waterfront on Saturday the 16th. They will have some good music and BBQ,
so be sure to stop by the waterfront! BCTMA Jams will be at a different location.

 Bluegrass and Country/Folk jams will be at the Bug House Park on 3rd Street next to Jack's Creek. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

 Old Time jam will meet under the tree at the Brown Library on the Van Norden Street side. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

 Bring some songs and a chair. Come join the fun, maintain social distancing and be safe!



BCTMA has over 1500 photos online spanning our first ten years.  Visit our photos page to have a look, or head over to our Flickr photostream.


Our weekly jams on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings are open to musicians of all levels.  Check our events calendar for specific dates and times.


Since 2011, BCTMA has posted over 100 videos of our events, receiving over 32,000 views.  Drop by our videos page and our YouTube channel to watch a few.

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2021 BCTMA Sponsors

Showcase $1000


Jamboree $500

Anna & David Holland
Fran & John Moore
Alice & Frank Stallings
Rob Cuthrell 


In Kind

Greenville Guitars
Bob Daw

Hoedown $250

Linda & Ross Boyer
Jill Gravely
Susan and Wayne Meads, Sr.
Trish & Toby Alligood

Songster $100

Renda & Wayne Allen
Elaine & Joel Berberich Brad Brechtelsbauer
Marie & Mike Brown
Joyce & Jay Costello
John Eckman
Jeanette & David Ellis
Roland Kinlaw
Carol & Bill Mann
Sue Nicholson
Ron Parrish
Van Rice
Leta & John Thompson
Eleanor & David Warren
Gerry and Mike Arakelia
Blounts Creek Friends
Elizabeth & Thomas McCluskey
Lee & Bill Maxwell
Marilyn & Jon Larson
Machapunga Ecotours