Twisted Knot

Fall Regional Concert Series
Thursday, October 24, 2019
in the Turnage Theatre Gallery
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Donations Appreciated


The Greenville-based quintet of excellent veteran musicians present an Irish take on eclectic acoustic music, performing traditional tunes. This band played for 2019 BoCO Traditional Music Festival and was very popular!

Band founder Mamie Dixon plays fiddle, mandolin, and percussions; lead singer Rebecca Hall plays keyboards; Jim Joseph and Sylvia Bjorkman play guitar; and Catherine Walker plays soprano recorder.

Dixon, from Shreveport, Louisiana, earned the first Masters degree in Music Education awarded from ECU, in 1976. A classically trained violinist, she became an Irish fiddler and then founder and director of Twisted Knot. She also performs with the St. James Jammers, a group of string musicians who play bluegrass, folk, and gospel music "most every Monday night" at St. James United Methodist Church in Greenville.

North Carolina native Rebecca Hall is the band's technician. She is also a singer-songwriter, composer and solo performer who has recorded one CD of original music and another of traditional church hymns. She is the choir director at Airy Grove Christian Church in Kinston. Jim Joseph, from New York City, performs with the St. James Jammers, and is a certified sign language interpreter.

Sylvia Bjorkman, from Fairmont, NC, grew up in a musical family consisting of a church organist, a composer, a cellist, and several violinists. She also plays with the St. James Jammers, St. Paul's Recorder Ensemble and the David and Sylvia Duo.

Catherine Walker, from London, is a professor in ECU's School of Art and Design.