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The BCTMA's primary goal is to provide opporunities for folks to experience the joy of making music. In this second album project of the BCTMA, we hope you will feel the joy of folks making music in each song. This album spotlights the creativity of original songs composed and performed by some of the BCTMA folks and also the joy of performing traditional and popular song showcasing the skill and style of each performer.

We hope you enjoy this album and will join us at the Turnage Theater to participate in a jam or enjoy a show.

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Waterfront Jam (2009)

Free Download Waterfront Jam

Waterfront Jam is BCTMA's first official recording. It's a “live jam," representing the variety of songs and musicians that may show up to play at any weekly “Saturday Morning Jam on the Waterfront.” The tracks were all recorded in one take and include warm harmonies, brilliant improvisation, and cringe-inducing mistakes throughout.  Although sometimes the songs have some difficulty getting going, they usually come together (eventually), and end  right well.  What we hope you really hear when you listen to this recording is the fun that our group has every time we get together to play and sing, and the joy that the tradition of making music with family and friends can bring to any community—including yours. 

Since this CD is no longer in print, we've offered it here online as a free download complete with printable artwork. We hope you enjoy it.